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Volunteer pilots all across the country use private aircraft to help those in need. Whether you fly Cessna, Beechcraft, or Cirrus… Whether single, twin, or jet aircraft…you can make a difference through aviation.


What kinds of opportunities are available

Volunteer Pilot Organizations all across the country serve a variety of humanitarian needs. Some ways volunteer pilots can help include:

- Access to Medical Care
- Environmental/Conservation
- Animal Transport/Precious Cargo
- Emergency Response
- Civil Service/Veterans Transport
- Education & Experience Flights


What are the qualifications for being a volunteer pilot?

Pilot criteria varies depending on the organization and kind of flights made. Typically, Volunteer Pilot Organizations (VPOs) will require you to have a Private Pilot License at minimum, and access to an aircraft. Hourly and other requirements are set by each VPO. Most will require a minimum of 250hrs PIC time.

When you complete the volunteer application below, we'll help narrow down the VPOs that are the best match for you and you can choose which to apply to with the click of a button.


How long are the flights?

Flight profiles will differ depending on what type of charitable aviation you’re doing.

Typically, flight legs to transport passengers, animals or precious cargo will be about 200-300 nautical miles. (Longer flights are generally linked with other pilots or organizations).

Environmental flights, experience flights for youth, or search and rescue flights are typically shorter, local flights.

In all cases, the flights you choose to make, when you make them, and who you fly, are completely up to you. You can choose the flights that make sense for you and your aircraft.


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